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The code for numeric evaluation of polylogarithms in GiNaC calls the CLN library directly for speed. While removing the dependency on CLN, these functions were commented out. No one has tried to get them working within pynac since.

Looking at the relevant part of the code, which kcrisman linked to as well, you'll see that almost all numeric evaluation functions are commented out. The changes needed to get this to compile don't look too hard though. The calls to cln:: functions need to be replaced with either the equivalent ones in the numeric class, or use the py_*() functions defined in py_funcs.h directly.

I opened a ticket on the Sage issue tracker (#10050) to expose the polylogaritms from pynac in Sage. Fixing the numeric evaluation should be on a separate ticket.

The getting started with pynac development document might help with the first steps. Feel free to write to the pynac-devel googlegroup if you have any questions.