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There have been problems building Sage with shared libraries for ATLAS on some systems, so this may not work, but here is my suggestion:

  • copy the files,,, and to SAGE_ROOT/local/lib/, renaming them to, etc. (Remove the ".3".)

  • from any Sage installation on any machine, copy the header files cblas.h, clapack.h, and the directory "atlas" from the old SAGE_ROOT/local/include to the new one. If you don't have an installation handy, you should be able to copy the files from my home directory on

  • touch the file SAGE_ROOT/spkg/installed/atlas-3.8.3.p14, to convince Sage that the ATLAS spkg has actually been installed.

  • proceed with the rest of the Sage build.

I do this all the time on, since building ATLAS there takes 11 hours (!), and since SAGE_ATLAS_LIB has been somewhat broken for Solaris systems. As I said at the start, this may end up failing because of issues with shared ATLAS libraries, but it seems like the most likely candidate to me.