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Hi Mike,

Option 2 would be my inclination too (both for how askbot is intended to function, and what I'd like to see for asksage). Since answers are usually sorted by number of votes, there isn't really any "chronology", and the functionality of askbot seems specifically intended _not_ to support discussion threads (e.g. the FAQ "What should I avoid in my answers?").

As I see it, the goal is (or ought to be) really to preserve good questions and good answers, rather than the discussion/working out that lead to the good answers. The voting system is, I think, supposed to provide some minimal incentive for people to monitor the questions they've answered and make them (the answers) more relevant if they can. Also, people with a certain number of points are allowed to edit any answer -- maybe someone will get there eventually either by waiting long enough or by having the threshold lowered (from 2000) -- so this can be another way that "orphaned text" will be removed or updated.

p.s. If it's important, you could retain some sense of the chronology in the way you update your question.