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From that webpage, someone has just used Cython to implement them -- they don't come with Cython. You can install that package in the same way as most packages on PyPI:

  1. Download bintrees-0.3.0.tar.gz from PyPI

  2. Extract the tarball.

  3. Run

    sage -python install
  4. You'll be able to run import bintrees from within your Sage sessions now.

As for using the package, you'll have to look at that package's specific documentation.

The Cython documentation is not built / included in Sage, but you can find it at For other packages, it varies. For example, you can find the Pari documentation under $SAGE_ROOT/local/share/pari/doc/.

None of this package specific documentation is specifically made available from within the notebook. When you type in cython? from the notebook, you're getting the documentation a specific function called cython within Sage -- this is different than the documentation for Cython itself.

I'm not sure what you mean about "optional included sub-packages".