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In a source distribution of Sage, you also get the source of all standard packages in Sage. Standard packages reside under SAGE_ROOT/spkg/standard. You should be able to uncompress each spkg using tar and bunzip2, then hunt around an uncompressed spkg for the documentation of that upstream package. For example, here is a way to read the documentation of Cython:

[mvngu@sage mvngu]$ ls
dot_sage  sage-4.5.3.alpha2
[mvngu@sage mvngu]$ cd sage-4.5.3.alpha2/spkg/standard/
[mvngu@sage standard]$ tar -jxf cython-0.12.1.spkg 
[mvngu@sage standard]$ cd cython-0.12.1/src/Doc/
[mvngu@sage Doc]$ ls
About.html            FAQ.html    overview.html  sharing.html
extension_types.html  index.html  primes.c       special_methods.html

Once uncompressed, you could also read the source of the upstream package.