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Thanks for the followup, Niles. This is a really annoying part of some things that are defined in .pyx files - ImplicitSurface is a cdef (Cython) function, and these don't always work well with introspection in my experience. Weirdly, I don't get the traceback you do in the notebook.

It turns out that **kwds (which would include color) end up in the init of IndexFaceSet which sends it to PrimitiveObject in plot3d/base.pyx which includes

        self.texture = Texture(kwds)

And if you look at THAT you will see that that just goes through a whole slew of possible things the input could be to Texture. And I think that following this the bug is that parse_color does not take a multiplicity of colors.

This still doesn't answer how to GET the colormap, but hopefully tracks down some of why it isn't working.