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I don't think it can totally replace it for various reasons. The most important one is that not every support request is appropriate for this site, unless we really want umpteen variations on "Sage isn't installing for reason X" here. It also really isn't designed for a long threaded discussion about how to respond to a certain bug, which might move to sage-devel or something.

What I really hope it might be is a place that makes it much easier to find answers to recurring questions, which unfortunately is really hard to do with Google groups, and which won't happen on an FAQ anytime soon since no one has the time write such a comprehensive and well-indexed one as we need. This would fill a gaping hole in our documentation!

I have a counterquestion too. On sage-support we often say "see Trac XXXX". There it hopefully makes sense - the person now should follow that Trac. What would the equivalent thing be here? That isn't really an answer to the question that the original poster could mark as right, but often that is the most that can happen for a long, long time. Any thoughts?