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For one, the site should clearly specify its role in providing help for using the Sage software. That is, with the sage-devel and sage-support Google Groups already in place a good question to ask is whether or not this site should in whole or in part provide programming help. Specifying whether or not to focus on user-level or developer-level comments or even both would also help in answering this questions. On a more practical note, the FAQ could provide links to these two sites and state their purpose.

William Stein mentions in his blog post

"The site would not be specific to Sage or restricted to open source."

So another question to ask is "how is distinct from MathOverflow?" since both focus on mathematics. At the very least, my guess is that the topics would focus around "computational mathematics"; that is, anything that could possibly be implemented in Sage. By no means should the site not allow research-level questions. Including them would be great! The FAQ should make clear whatever distinctions are required.

These are just a few questions that popped up in my head when I found out about this neat question board. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say.