divide numerator and denominator by certain value

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is it somehow possible to divide the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same value? For example, (ab + c)/(bd + a + c) gets (a + c/b)/(d + a/b + c/b) if I divide it by b.

asked Mar 12 '12

matthjes gravatar image matthjes
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For example:

sage: var('a b c d')

sage: q=(a*b+c)/(b*d+a+c)

sage: expand(numerator(q)/b)/expand(denominator(q)/b)

(a + c/b)/(d + a/b + c/b)

posted Mar 12 '12

achrzesz gravatar image achrzesz
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updated Mar 12 '12

kcrisman gravatar image kcrisman
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Hey @achrzesz, great answers lately - just a reminder that if you indent a code block (or highlight it and click the "010101" button) then it will "look right".

kcrisman (Mar 12 '12)

Thank, that did the trick!

matthjes (Mar 12 '12)

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