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Thanks @kcrisman. I did not know about this. Interesting also the SAGE_BROWSER and password reset (I don't need them now, but I'll keep that in mind). Cannot use the 6.8 for the moment, it isn't built for my "old" system version (10.9).

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2015-10-02 03:27:36 -0500 asked a question Shift-enter broken (again)

I have installed the (new) version of Sage (6.6) on my mac, and the shift-enter is not working, making the notebook pretty much useless. My former version 5.11 worked fine (although I remember having the same problem with it initially too, though it disappeared mysteriously). Note :

  • I have seen the post but my PATH does not contain any non-unicode character.
  • I have tried with other browsers, but ... they ask me for a login/password which I don't have (Firefox logs me in automatically)
  • I still use online sage without problems
  • I don't see any "evaluate" button either (never have)

Any suggestions ? Thanks ! Pascal

My config : mac OS 10.9.5 (Maverick) with Firefox 41.0.1