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2012-05-22 10:11:49 -0600 commented question Animated sphere

No jajajaj I try to explain my project better. Approximately, I have this: c1=parametric_plot3d((t,0,0),(0,1)) c2=parametric_plot3d((t,t^2,t^3),(0,1)) s=sphere(center=(0,0,0),size=0.5,color='black') c1+c2+s This plot two curves and the sphere in (0,0,0), I want to move the sphere along these two curves. Also, kcrisman, thank you very much for the answers!!

2012-05-22 06:46:27 -0600 commented question Animated sphere

The issue is make de animation, I know how to plot a sphere in one point of the space, but I don't know how move the sphere along de curve. Thanks for answer!

2012-05-22 05:45:30 -0600 asked a question Animated sphere

I plotted an union of parametric curves in 3D (like a rollercoaster) and I want to create a solid sphere (radius of 0.5 approx.) that moves along the whole curve. You can do this in sage?