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2012-05-12 17:59:19 +0200 asked a question sage -i fails to find optional package database_gap

running ./sage -optional and then ./sage -i using sage -i as per README instructions (which is not recognized) or ./sage -i, with or without extension .spkg produces the same message: *Unable to download *Please see for a list of valid *packages or check the package name.

The package exists so I should be able to download it and install using wget or Firefox. The question is: Is this advisable; is this package separate from Sage and can be called by sage, or do I need to use sage -i to integrate it?

2012-05-11 16:49:08 +0200 asked a question Build for 4.8 can't find spkg-install script,, or configure script

The compilation (on Ubuntu 10.10) seemed to be finished, and was running tests, at which time the following message was written:

make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg'
/usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg/pipestatus "sage-spkg ${SAGE_SPKG_OPTS} extcode-4.8 2>&1" "tee -a /usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg/logs/extcode-4.8.log"
Linux jurgen-desktop 2.6.35-32-generic #68-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 27 18:07:17 UTC 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Deleting directories from past builds of previous/current versions of extcode-4.8
Extracting package /usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg/standard/extcode-4.8.spkg ...
-rw-r--r-- 1 richard richard 12186743 2012-01-19 22:43 /usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg/standard/extcode-4.8.spkg
Finished extraction
There is no spkg-install script, no, and no configure script,
so I do not know how to install /usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg/standard/extcode-4.8.spkg.
make[1]: *** [installed/extcode-4.8] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/sage/sage-x.y.z./spkg'

I don't know how to handle this as I assume these files are generated automatically. Any suggestions?