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2015-04-11 01:08:45 +0200 commented answer Why is sage giving me wrong answers?

@Pierre Thanks a lot. It works now...but I don't really understand what you mean when you say "Do not use floating points". I just wrote the numbers as they were...what do you mean by "floating points"?

2015-04-11 00:39:58 +0200 asked a question Why is sage giving me wrong answers?

Let's say I want to multiply $(\frac{-1 - i \sqrt{3}}{2})(\frac{-1 + i \sqrt{3}}{2})$. Doing it by hand, we easily see that the answer is 1.

However, when I type

n(((-1 + sqrt(-3))/2)*((-1-sqrt(-3))/2))

in sage, I get

1 - 5.55111512312578 x 10^(-17)i

which is (of course) very close to 1...but its not exactly 1. Why is that? How do I fix this??