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2012-07-13 16:15:24 +0200 asked a question OS X download link points to wrong version

The link sage-5.1-OSX-64bit-10.6-x86_64-Darwin-app.dmg actually downloads version 5.0. Why? And how do I get version 5.1 for OS X (Intel)?

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2012-04-22 15:56:12 +0200 asked a question How "run a .sage file"?

I'm trying to use the sagetex style file in LaTeX. After trying to process the example.tex file provided with sagetex, I get error messages in the log that say to "Run Sage on example.sagetex.sage".

On my OS X system, Sage is installed as a clickable .app. After I start the app, I know how to start a Terminal command session of Sage by using the right-click menu from the Sage icon in the dock.

But how do I process such a .sage file in there?