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Excellent. That's very close to what I need. But there are some problems.

  1. I've redefine dot (.) in sage calculations to comma (,) and have x,(y) instead of x.(y) as it's rule in Russia. But on axes numbers again with dot separator.
  2. Fully frustrating with axes label and it's position. I need, for example, two labels: xlabel=$\omega$, c\textsuperscript{-1} and ylabel = {\textit{$M_c$,Нм}} - it doesn't work. Works only xlabel={$\omega$}, ylabel={$M_c$} but labels appeared in weird places. And my attemptions to move it with pgfplot commands nothing to bring. Is it possible to correct it? Especially labels positions?

added: thanks to your help we are have vigorous plotting engine with admirable/professional/harmonic view of plottings. For me I've corrected ylabel={$M_c,HM$} to ylabel={$M_c,\textit{Hм}$} because I need italic low case "м"-meter. I've met with problems you told. I deleted all files with sage in its names and rebuild again. Deep gratitude.

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2015-01-29 13:48:04 -0500 asked a question How to join function to grid scale?

Dear friends, I'm trying to use latex+sagetex+tikz and it's really powerfull combination. But I don't understand how to join axes grid to function. If you see attached example you see first original plotting then another two with different axes grids. But function plot in 2,3 graphs the same as in first function plot! It should to stretch/collapse in accord with scale x/y axes. How to do it right way?

Update: I don't know why I can't to add .tex file so you can get this example from (section "Sagetex and the tkz-fct package"). Changing axes doesn't affect to function plot.