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2012-04-18 03:45:58 -0600 asked a question Problem with Sage and system python

I have a question regarding sage on macosx. My problem is that the precompiled binary package of sage doesn't see my python modules installed through macports. I mean sage is working without porblem, but when I try to attach a script which use a module (e.g. scitools) I got : Applications/ in load(filename, globals, attach) 1629 1630 if fpath.endswith('.py'): -> 1631 execfile(fpath, globals) 1632 elif fpath.endswith('.sage'): 1633 exec(preparse_file(open(fpath).read()) + "\n", globals) Volumes/Henry/Script_py/plot/ in <module>() 2 import time, glob, os 3 4 # clean up old frames: 5 for name in glob.glob('tmp_*.eps'): 6 os.remove(name)

ImportError: No module named scitools.all

But if I try to execute without Sage, I have no problem with loading the modules.