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Thanks! Seems to work.

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Thanks! Seems to work.

2014-12-21 05:37:28 +0100 asked a question embeddings in NumberFieldTower?

I'm trying to do my calculations in a number field tower (or some equivalent), then get the results in real form (or anything that the graphics functions will take). I'm extending the rationals twice.

I've tried constructing the first with NumberField, then using extension, but apparently embedding isn't implemented in extension.

I've tried using NumberFieldTower, but I can't find an equivalent to embedding.

I've tried using NumberField(poly_1, poly_2) or QQ[poly_1, poly_1], but can't figure out how to assign an embedding or something equivalent.

I've considered trying to construct a field homomorphism from the field to the reals, but I don't know sage well enough to figure out if this is possible.

Is there some equivalent way of getting the values that I want?