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2014-12-04 01:12:18 +0100 asked a question Sharing Sage on the Web

I have a Sage program that takes an integer as input and outputs lots of pretty pictures. I would like to share this program in such a way that someone with no knowledge of Sage could still provide the integer and enjoy the pictures.

For example, I imagine having a website with a form where the user provides an integer, the program executes in the cloud, and the pictures are displayed in the browser. This may not be possible or even advisable, but it's the sort of thing I mean.

What kinds of options do I have to easily share Sage output on the web?

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2014-10-03 02:49:40 +0100 asked a question Cloud.Sagemath Versus Local Install

I have students using cloud.sagemath for some Project Euler problems, and some of their programs appear to be taking quite some time to complete. How does cloud.sagemath compare to a local installation? In particular:

  1. Can programs executed through cloud.sagemath run for an arbitrary amount of time? If not, is any kind of message printed when they are terminated?
  2. How would runtimes on a local install on a "typical baseline" computer compare with runtimes at cloud.sagemath?