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2010-08-23 19:54:48 +0100 commented answer Is Codenode compatible with Sage?

William, how did you manage to not mess up the sage notebook? I say it because codenode needs twisted >= 10.0 and I think sage uses twisted 8.2 or something.

2010-08-23 19:49:42 +0100 commented answer Is Codenode compatible with Sage?

The problem appears because your Django version is too old (you need >= 1.2.1) or because your codenode version is too old (if you use easy_install it will pull the package available in pypi, which is outdated. You need the latest github package).

2010-08-23 19:41:18 +0100 answered a question What should the features of a Sage Notebook IDE be?

There are two questions here. About the features:

  1. I would like to see some kind of cell structure, like the one you find in Mathematica notebooks. My sage notebooks could become pretty long and sometimes it's annoying to browse a lot until you find the exact cell you want to work on.

  2. Code highlighting it's very important. I think you can't do proper development without it.

  3. The menus should always be visible. If you want to save your notebook, for example, you shouldn't go all the way up to push a button and then come back to your working cell.

  4. Some CSS enhancements wouldn't be bad. If you spend a lot of hours in front of a notebook, it would be better to have a non-white background. Cells are too wide too, and maybe they could have some glow to indicate the cell you are working on.

  5. On thing that really annoys me is that when you evaluate a cell, it immediately jumps to next one. It's annoying when you have a large block of text on the editor, and you are fixing some code before it.

  6. IMHO folders are very important too, although this has been discussed before in sage-support.

  7. A better way to easily use data from your PC (text files, images, other python scripts). Maybe defining a desktop mode for the notebook, I don't know.

These are my main problems with the notebook.

Thanks, Carlos