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2011-06-21 16:57:50 -0500 answered a question Factoring bivariate polynomials w.r.t. a single variable

This should do it

R = PolynomialRing(GF(17), 'x')
x = R.gens()[0]
y = PolynomialRing(R, 'y').gens()[0]
f =  9*y^6 - 9*x^2*y^5 - 18*x^3*y^4 - 9*x^5*y^4 + 9*x^6*y^2 + 9*x^7*y^3 + 18*x^8*y^2 - 9*x^11

Unfortunately, it seems that the functionality to factor over a generic polynomial ring is not implemented.

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2011-03-28 08:56:11 -0500 answered a question Calling Sage from a web page

check out It implements a simple communication protocol with 'evaluate' and 'get' requests only. There is no state saved in between evaluations. You can figure out the protocol from the JS code. It's as minimalistic as possible.

The service at sagemath is experimental (we used it for testing mainly). That means it might go down in the feature. However, you can get the server code from and run a similar service on your own server (even implement state if you need it).

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2010-08-25 01:09:01 -0500 commented answer Is there a way to make an audible noise when a computation is complete?

I should add that I got the sound file from Somebody with license knowledge should determine if we can bundle the any of the sounds on that website with Sage. Also some jquery magic should be added to remove the audio tag after it plays.

2010-08-21 12:32:09 -0500 answered a question Is there a way to make an audible noise when a computation is complete?

You can try this on any new browser.

def done():
    return html('!audio src="" autoplay> Your browser does not support the audio element. !/audio>')

for i in range(10**6):

Replace ! with < . I could not make the code display otherwise.

In the future a function "done()" along with a sound file can be a part of the notebook. I will remove the .ogg file from my server in the future to prevent too much hotlinking (so don't freak out if this doesn't work).