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2011-11-22 07:01:24 +0200 answered a question Font missed

The result is as like:


where """ is the missed character, _, U23BD.

2011-11-22 06:57:29 +0200 asked a question Font missed

While I input


it gets the following in notebook():

?? 2

It tested in Sage-4.7.2/4.7.1? What's wrong here?

Thanks inadvance

2011-11-11 01:33:02 +0200 asked a question problem: content cell wrapped together after publishing

While worksheet was published, the command in cell would be displayed wrapped together in anonymous role. For instance: In Cell, we input:

line 1
line 2

Anonymous user sees like:

line1 line2 ...

How to keep the content cell line-by-line?


2011-11-07 06:06:48 +0200 asked a question place plots in different positions

How to place plots at certain positions? for example, plot1 at (x1,y1) and plot2 at (x2,y2),