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2011-08-16 14:49:29 +0100 commented answer Why does Sage not install with Vista?

Firstly step 4 didn't work as stated. When I did invoke/start Sage it claimed I hadn't set a password, but I was never asked for one!

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2011-08-15 11:39:18 +0100 asked a question Why does Sage not install with Vista?

I tried to obtain Sage 4.7 to my laptop which runs on Windows Vista. Following the suggestions given, I installed Oracle's VMVirtualbox ok and Sage 4.7. I installed the binary and did not attempt to use the source. After starting, the programme simply refuses to give me a Notebook and says incomprehensible(to me!) error messages about opening my web browser at localhost:0000 etc. I was able to go to the Sage directory and look at some of the files there but the instructions in the README.txt on the download web page simply does not correspond to reality. Any advice would be appreciated!