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Hmm, this doesn't answer what I asked for. please scroll down to the last example. Floating point sliders are not well formatted. Can we modify them with string formatters?

2011-10-10 02:59:36 +0200 asked a question interact variable print formatting


Say that I have a simple interact function shown as below:

def myplot(u=(0.5,(0.1,10)), R=(20e-6,(20e-6,1000e-6))):
    #plotting code

Is there a way to print formatting of these variables in the interact zone; 2 digit float for u and e-form for the R. Currently I see both variables as many digit outputs.


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Thanks for the answer. I am particularly interested in Laplacian operator, Spherical coordinate system, and plotting vector fields in various coordinate systems.

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2011-06-22 16:36:44 +0200 asked a question Vector calculus


Is there a vector calculus package/functionality in Sage that are similar to other 2M packages?

1- Vector Analysis Package

2- VectorCalculus


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I have gotten exactly the same error using the F14-x64 binary. Now back to compiling the source :)