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2011-03-21 09:32:03 +0200 answered a question Writing re-usable sage scripts

I'm going to repost Felix's comment as my chosen answer, since it could be missed in the comments there:

Since Sage 4.6.1, you can do load_attach_path('/home/mike/Projects/Sage/') and then attach 'defaults.sage' etc. should just work.

This works reasonably well for me since I can add my "library" path to the sage path and define sage files there.

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Well, that's certainly better than what I had thus far. Thanks for this.

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2011-03-17 11:00:10 +0200 asked a question Writing re-usable sage scripts

I'm looking to write some reusable code to do things like parse a particular file format outputted by some of my tools, but I don't see a particularly obvious "right way" to do this. I can define a python module, add it to the python path using the init.sage file, and then import it, but then I don't get some of the nice features I would get if I just loaded a .sage file from my current directory (namely tab-complete...).

Is there a preferred directory where I can save .sage files for use with the "load" commmand? If so, is there a way to specify a directory that is not in the SAGE_ROOT area, so I can source-control my specific .sage files independent of the sage installation?