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2011-03-12 10:56:13 +0200 answered a question Ideal Radicals Question?

If you know the answer just answer and if not please let others answer. I want to understand it that's all.

Why do you vote negatively for my question? You want me to vote for your questions and answers the same?

2011-03-12 10:09:24 +0200 asked a question Searching for Calculus book: Edwards 1994 Edition. Urgent Help?

Hello Experts,

Please tell me where can I download a PDF of:

Edwards, C. H. (1994). Advanced Calculus of Several Variables. New York: Dover Publications.

ISBN: 0-486-68336-2 (pbk.) 1994.

I have the 1973 version.

Please tell me 2 things:

1) Where can I download this, or if you have it just send me the file. 2) Is there any changes between those 2 publications? 1973 vs. 1994?

Thanks a lot!

2011-03-12 10:07:19 +0200 asked a question Ideal Radicals Question?

Hello experts,

Given that there is a commutative ring R and 2 ideals I and J, also given that I is included in J

I need to prove 1) radical of I is in radical of J 2) radical of radical of ideal I = radical of ideal I.

Please give me a detailed answer, I need it urgently!!!!

Thanks in advance!