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2011-03-12 19:39:56 +0200 asked a question How can I speed up symbolic function evaluation?

I have a few hundred lines of code that calculate a system of ODEs. The resulting system of several hundred to several thousand equations take a long time to integrate. (I'm using SciPy's integrate interface; testing on a small case suggested it's several times faster than GSL's ode_solver for my problem.)

Of course, most of the time is spent in evaluating my equations. I'm already using fast_callable to speed up the calculations. It made a wonderful difference. But it's still taking hours or even days for the larger systems. I want to put this integration inside an optimizer, so any speed gain is great.

Stealing the example from the reference manual (, I'm currently doing something like the following.

import scipy
from scipy import integrate
var('x, y')
mu = 10.0
dy = (y, -x + mu*y*(1-x**2))
dy_fc = tuple(fast_callable(expr, domain=float, vars=(x,y)) for expr in dy)
def f_1(y,t):
    return [f(*y) for f in dy_fc]


I don't think I can speed up the integrate routine. Can I do anything to speed up f_1?