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2020-11-07 20:50:59 +0100 answered a question show command latex

Is there a way to get this approach to print something like u x v? This doesn't work:

latex("u \times v")

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2020-11-06 18:05:38 +0100 asked a question show command latex

I use sage both within the cocalc interface and the jupyter interface. The show() command behaves differently in each and I'm trying to understand. Here's an example in cocalc:

The same example in jupyter:

The in-line latex in cocalc is rendered nicely, the same latex in jupyter isn't. I've included the %display latex directive in the jupyter example, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

2020-09-30 23:25:43 +0100 answered a question Evaluate a curl at a point?

I was missing the at(). All of the vector calc stuff upto this point has been pretty easy, but these div and curl operators in sage are going to be really tough for the students. Much more complicated. I appreciate the help.

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2020-09-30 21:16:54 +0100 asked a question Evaluate a curl at a point?

I'm trying to create a curl example for my calc III students. I figured out how to compute the curl, but not how to evaluate it at a point. Can someone please advise? Thanks, Albert

from sage.manifolds.operators import *
E.<x,y,z> = EuclideanSpace()
v = E.vector_field(exp(x)*sin(y),-exp(x)*cos(y),0, name='v')
curl_v = curl(v)