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2020-09-18 14:10:44 +0100 commented question Install Docker image with Python2

I found the following solution:

docker run --name=cocalc -d -v ~/cocalc:/projects -p 443:443 sagemathinc/cocalc:67b7e8dece16

by viewing the "sagemathinc/cocalc" tags on But I don't know if this solution is permanent enough -- the tags listed there are only for the past 10 months

2020-09-18 14:10:44 +0100 asked a question Install Docker image with Python2

I am trying to install a local Docker image of CoCalc, however, I'd like to keep using Sage-8.9 with Python2. Following the github instructions, I run

docker run --name=cocalc -d -v ~/cocalc:/projects -p 443:443 sagemathinc/cocalc

which results in Sage-9.1, so all my code stops working. How do I switch to Sage-8.9 with docker?