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2020-09-19 04:38:32 +0100 asked a question Sage very slow until restarting the session

Hello, yesterday using a Sage session I had open for a few days was very slow. Computations were not finishing in reasonable time and I thought I needed better algorithms. Today, when I restarted my session, these computations finished in reasonable time. One which did not finish in 5 minutes yesterday finished in 90 seconds today. I'm on Windows 10. Is there a reason for why a Sage session can be "burdened" by being open for a long time?

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2020-09-18 05:39:43 +0100 commented question Time/Space Requirements of Graph.spanning_trees()

@tmonteil I had a similar thought using symmetries, where we somehow find representatives of each orbit of spanning trees (in the sense of the symmetries of the dodecahedron as a group action on the set of spanning trees), and somehow find the size of each orbit. I don't know how to do this efficiently though, as it seems I need to consider every spanning tree before I can find a representative of each orbit.

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2020-09-17 09:53:50 +0100 asked a question Time/Space Requirements of Graph.spanning_trees()

Hello, I'm working on finding the number of a certain kind of spanning tree of a graph, and doing the Dodecahedron graph as an example. My naive algorithm for doing this iterates through all of its 5000000 or so spanning trees and runs a linear time (in graph size) algorithm on each spanning tree. The size of this problem seems just possible with my home computer, but Sage's builtin Graph.spanning_trees() is using too much RAM. Beyond this, I am unsure if the running time is reasonable once the RAM problem is fixed.

Do you know where I can find documentation discussing the implementation of this function? I imagine there could be a lazy version of this algorithm that makes the problem reasonable.