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2018-09-27 10:38:06 +0200 asked a question Load module from remote server

Hi, I am using a remote sage notebook public server (such as I would like to be able to load my own python modules, but I don't know how can I access local files, such as

import sys
import module-name

Is there any way to do that?

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2016-04-11 22:28:21 +0200 commented answer Possible bug of sum function

Thank you, however I find this behavior at least strange. If n is a Sage Integer, I understand range(n) produces a list of Python integers. So in both cases the sum runs over a list of Python integers. However, in one case they are converted into Sage integers and in the other case they aren't. I don't understand why.

2016-04-11 19:15:50 +0200 asked a question Possible bug of sum function

Consider the following code:

def s(n):
    return sum(k/n for k in range(n + 1))

L0 = s(2)

for n in range(2, 3):
    L1 = s(n)

The answers are (using sage 7.1):

print L0, L1
(3/2, 1)

In the second case sage is using the usual integer division of python 2.x while in the first one it is using the exact representation of rationals. Is this a known bug?

2015-11-10 21:33:59 +0200 commented answer Sagemath server using openid

Thank you very much. When you say enable SSL, you mean something as explained in ?

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2015-11-08 20:31:31 +0200 asked a question Sagemath server using openid

Is it difficult to allow users to create accounts on our Sagemath server using openid authentication? In fact, we would like to use the gmail implementation of openid since our university email is managed by Google. Any hints, please?

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2014-11-19 17:07:44 +0200 asked a question Typeset mode in iPython notebook

Hi, I'm trying to set typeset mode = True using the iPython notebook in Sage 6.4, but I don't find how to do it. Is it already implemented?

2014-10-20 00:44:26 +0200 asked a question integral should not be zero
F = sqrt((cos(x) - 1)^2 + sin(x)^2)
F.integrate(x, 0, 2*pi)

yields 0, the expected answer is 8.

2014-10-10 12:06:39 +0200 commented answer Problem with solution_dict=True

Version is 6.3. Seems to me sagenb is using an old version without the bug.

2014-10-09 15:48:51 +0200 asked a question Problem with solution_dict=True
var('x y')
solve(x + y, [x, y], solution_dict=True)

yields AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'left'

Is this a bug?

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2014-02-12 04:45:46 +0200 asked a question Missing solution in homogeneous equation
var('x y')
solve(x*y, [x, y])

returns only the solution x=0, missing y=0. Is this a known bug? I am using sage 5.13.

2013-12-12 03:45:49 +0200 asked a question Sage plot inner structure

Hi, I would like to manipulate the raw data of a plot. More specifically, I'd like to get the set of points produced by implicit_plot in order to use it for another task. Is that possible?

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2013-01-30 04:00:32 +0200 commented question (abs(sin(x))^2).simplify_full()

Here, using Ubuntu 12.04, it consistently yields abs(sin(x))^2. Please note that the similar input abs(sin(x)^2).simplify_full() produces the right answer. Version 5.5 does not have this problem.

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2013-01-29 10:07:09 +0200 asked a question (abs(sin(x))^2).simplify_full()

I think (abs(sin(x))^2).simplify_full() should render sin(x)^2. This is not the case in sage 5.6 even with the assumption assume(x, 'real'). Is this a [known] bug?

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2011-12-15 09:30:18 +0200 asked a question Solve a simple system of non-linear equations

Maple can solve a system of equations such as $\sin x + y =0, \sin x - y =0$. However,

var('x y') solve([sin(x) + y ==0, sin(x) - y==0], [x, y]) produces no useful answer.

Is there any other way to proceed?