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2019-05-07 05:33:38 -0500 answered a question Bipolar coordinate system

Thank you very much for your prompt and extended answer. I will need some time to adapt and modify it the analysed geometry. I have to solve the Helmholtz equation - in between. Once again - thanks.

2019-05-06 05:42:23 -0500 asked a question Bipolar coordinate system

I want to extend some work presented in a paper "Analysis of TM and TE Modes in Eccentric Coaxial Lines Based on Bipolar Coordinate System" using SageMath. Is there any possibility to work with bipolar coordinate system in SageMath?


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2019-03-07 05:06:38 -0500 asked a question Wrong output by plotting with SageMath Version 8.4.rc1 (Trusted)

What is wrong? I got erroneous results by plots.

 In: plot(sin(x))
 Out: Graph - incorrect!  

 In: plot(bessel_J(0, x), x, -0, 1)
 Out: Graph - incorrect!

I can send send you screenshots of both, but I don't how.