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2018-11-11 15:03:26 +0200 asked a question How do i change the x and y steps of an plot?

So i want a coordinate system that has different steps for example.

i have this

plot(-1/2*x+1,(x,-2, 8), rgbcolor=('#00c147')) #h1

how can i change the steps at the x-axis, at the moment it prints the numbers at {-2,2,4,6,8} and i want it to be {-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}

how can i customize those steps at the x and y-axis and how can i make it printable that for example 1 step has the distance of 0.5cm+0.5cm on a plain A4 paper.

at the moment 1 is at 1.5cm, 2 at 3cm EDIT:(nvm the printer had the wrong settings)

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2018-11-08 06:33:17 +0200 commented question drawing the corners for the inner parallelogram(solved)

g+=arc((0,0), 1, sector=(pi/4,3*pi/4)) looks right, it should be placed at the points p1(1|1) to the point p2(1|1.5) with a 90° rotation in the right direction.

Thanks I can work out my solution now the only question that remains is how can I add the angle designations to it?

sry for begin unclear, i don't know how the German word "Winkel" is called in English. I mean the corners inside the parallelogram, i need just a small section of the circle and how do I add the Greek letter small alpha into it.

2018-11-07 21:33:32 +0200 asked a question drawing the corners for the inner parallelogram(solved)


i have the following plot, how do i draw the corners of the inner parallelogram in it.

If i did something overcomplicated just improve my code ( i'm a beginner).

g = Graphics()
g += text('g1', (10,4.5))
g += plot(2/5*x + 1,(x,-4,10)) #g1

#gradient triangle
g += line([(0,1), (5,1)], rgbcolor=('#00c736'))
g += text('kw = 5', (2.5,0.5), rgbcolor=('#00c736'))
g += line([(5,1), (5,3)],rgbcolor=('#f6a200'))
g += text('ks = 2', (5.5,2), rgbcolor=('#f6a200'))

g += text('g2', (10,1.5))
g += plot(2/5*x - 2,(x,-4, 10)) #g2

g += text('h1', (10,-1.5))
g += plot(-1/2*x+1,(x,-4, 10)) #h1
g += text('h2', (10,-4.5))
g += plot(-1/2*x+4,(x,-4, 10)) #h2
g += arc((0.5,1), 1, sector=(pi*0,-pi/4+0.1))
g += arc((0.5,1), 1, sector=(pi*0,pi/4-0.2))

can't upload a picture sorry insufficient karma :(.

and how do i change the steps at the x and y -axis to 1.

thanks in advance !