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These alternatives sound good indeed! I may note use the Jupyter notebook (I need desktop programs), but SymPy is definitely a good choice. I also have Giac in mind.

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Oh, you're right! I had missed the deps file for SageLib. Now I see how monolithic it is. ^^ I'll try the runtime method now, thanks again for your help!

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Thanks! I'll start by giving the package type option a try. Currently I made a subset of packages optional and made sure that all packages depending on them were also optional. However, they are still built (typically ppl which is mentioned in no dependencies file). Did I miss something in the build system? Is there any way to know why Sage decides to build them? I checked the logs but found nothing of interest.

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2018-10-08 15:11:09 -0500 asked a question Disable modules at compile-time or runtime

I'm building SAGE for a humble Raspberry Pi platform (although I'm currently experimenting compilation on a good computer), and given the power of the Pi target I'd like to build and use only a reduced part of SageMath's modules. Anything too far above the level of a high-school student can be cut off, I only plan to use exact calculus and basic analysis tools.

So far I've looked at the installation guide and tried a few things with the configure script, but I found no option to disable modules.

Is there anything planned for this purpose? Or do I have to build SageMath entirely no matter what?

I considered loading only part of the Python modules at runtime, but I figure SageMath will load the others when it sees fit.

Is there a way to disable part of SageMath at runtime?