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2018-07-26 06:03:50 +0100 asked a question Numerical approximation of coefficients in fractions

I am aware that for expressions in the type $$eq = c_0 + c_1x + c_2x^2...$$ the coefficients of x can be expressed as decimals by doing eq.polinomial(RR) however, I noticed that if it is in the form $$eq = \dfrac{c_0 + c_1x}{c_2 + c_3x}$$ or in any form where it is impossible to express as $c_0 + c_1x^n$ where n is some power of x, the eq.polinomial(RR) only returns an error giving TypeError: fraction must have unit denominator. How can I approximate $eq = \dfrac{c_0 + c_1x}{c_2 + c_3x}$ where $c_0, c_1, c_2, c_3$ becomes some decimals? I am aware that $\dfrac{c_0 + c_1x}{c_2 + c_3x}$ is not a polynomial however I do not know what it is.