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2018-04-19 16:30:08 +0100 commented question Sage needs updated GUI capabilities and fresh examples

Hi slelievre, sorry for the delayed response. I would love to.

For example, you can view a bunch of GUI examples made in R through the Shiny package here:

A quick Google search brought up a comparison between the Python packages tkinter and wxPython:

Thank you for your time,

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2018-04-16 20:53:57 +0100 commented answer Sage needs updated GUI capabilities and fresh examples

I would not be posting on the forums if I already knew how to make GUI's in Sage, specifically in the CoCalc cloud. The purpose of the post is to encourage those that DO know how to make robust GUI's in Sage to make examples, so that people like me can learn from them. Or, to encourage those that manage the packages on Sage to incorporate common packages like wxPython or pyGUI so that we can make GUI's as we're accustomed to in regular Python.

2018-04-16 15:51:22 +0100 asked a question Sage needs updated GUI capabilities and fresh examples

A while back I was offered for some examples of user interfaces. Specifically I was interested in the "Web application" section, as that is most attuned to what I am trying to do. I have two issues with this page.

  1. Most (if not all) of the web application examples are broken (or easily broken) when one tries to run them on their own machine or just within the web browser. It makes it difficult to learn by example and/or use the examples to build upon.

  2. The examples are outdated. If there is more capability and/or beauty than what is shown (and I hope there is) it should be offered as an example there. With robust GUI capabilities in R, Python, Java, etc., one would really hope that Sage, with all of its great mathematical capabilities, could offer some GUI options that are more modern.

Just to offer a couple examples of what I'm talking about, GUI's made with wxPython in Python, or Shiny in R, are much more attractive than what is shown of the Sage examples.

2018-04-09 03:42:00 +0100 commented answer Import Sage Worksheets

Is this possible to utilize in the cloud only? The project I'm working on is collaborative with 2 other individuals, and in the future, many more. I would like to be able to import worksheets that are saved in the cloud, not on my hard drive. Thank you for the speedy response!


2018-04-09 02:24:28 +0100 asked a question Import Sage Worksheets

Hello, I'm looking to be able to modulate my code in the Sage Math cloud. I've done some research on the topic and it seems that one could use the attach syntax to bring in the methods from another worksheet. Unfortunately I get the following error when I try to attach the sagews 'test' which is in the same folder as the worksheet I'm working in.

File "/cocalc/lib/python2.7/site-packages/smc_sagews/", line 1013, in execute exec compile(block+'\n', '', 'single') in namespace, locals File "", line 1, in <module> File "/cocalc/lib/python2.7/site-packages/smc_sagews/", line 3443, in attach raise IOError('did not find file %r to attach' % fname) IOError: did not find file 'test' to attach

Can anyone help me with this issue?



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2018-02-28 23:34:58 +0100 commented answer Making a simple GUI in Sage

Hi! Thanks so much for your answer. Yes, a few popular GUI packages that are not installed are "wxPython", "PyQt", "TkInter", and "PyGUI"

Thanks again!

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2018-02-27 20:35:42 +0100 asked a question Making a simple GUI in Sage

I am currently in the process of writing a tool that performs a series of checks and then executes a very complicated algorithm. I would like to make a simple GUI as the plan is to offer the tool to anyone whom it might be of use to (free, of course). Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any documentation on creating a GUI in Sage. I also noticed that Sage does not have the popular Python packages for making a GUI.

Any help?