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2018-02-14 08:23:06 +0100 asked a question implicit plot with different scales on x and y axes

Say I want to plot implicit_plot(x^2 + 10000*y^2 - 2, (x,-3,3), (y,-0.03,0.03)), or anything else where the interesting values of x and y varies over different orders of magnitude. At least on my machine, the result is a completely illegible png, squished into nothingness.

http: //

(I wasn't allowed to add clickable links).

Of course, in this particular case I could rewrite the expression manually until the x and y ranges are the same. In the case that inspired these experiments in the first place, that rewrite is not realistic to do by hand.

How do I force an implicit plot to not have the same number of pixels per numerical unit in x and y directions?