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2019-05-28 22:53:37 +0200 commented answer Error building python 2 with sage

Thank you. Deleting the python* files in /Applications/ and rebuilding python worked!

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2019-05-27 23:53:04 +0200 asked a question Error building python 2 with sage

When I run the command sage -f python2 the error:

[python2-2.7.15.p0] Copying package files from temporary location /Applications/ to /Applications/
[python2-2.7.15.p0] cp: symlink: python-2.7.pc: File exists
[python2-2.7.15.p0] cp: symlink: python2.pc: File exists
[python2-2.7.15.p0] ************************************************************************
[python2-2.7.15.p0] Error copying files for python2-2.7.15.p0.
[python2-2.7.15.p0] ************************************************************************
[python2-2.7.15.p0] Please email sage-devel 
[python2-2.7.15.p0] explaining the problem and including the log file
[python2-2.7.15.p0]   /Applications/
[python2-2.7.15.p0] Describe your computer, operating system, etc.
[python2-2.7.15.p0] ************************************************************************
make[1]: *** [/Applications/] Error 1

real    2m38.586s
user    1m47.897s
sys 0m39.865s
Error building Sage.

The following package(s) may have failed to build (not necessarily during this run of 'make python2'):

* package: python2-2.7.15.p0
log file: /Applications/
  build directory: /Applications/

The build directory may contain configuration files and other potentially
helpful information. WARNING: if you now run 'make' again, the build
directory will, by default, be deleted. Set the environment variable
SAGE_KEEP_BUILT_SPKGS to 'yes' to prevent this.

make: *** [python2] Error 1

It looks like there is an error with a symlink - cp: symlink: python-2.7.pc: File exists

2018-02-01 23:35:00 +0200 asked a question Bar chart bar width

Is there a way to set a different width for each column in the sage.plot.bar_chart.BarChart class?