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2020-10-14 03:37:28 +0200 asked a question How would I transfer code from a notebook to this forum?

From within a Jupyter notebook, if I do Edit > Copy Cells, followed by Edit > Paste Cells Above (or Below), it works. But Edit > Copy Cells does not copy to the clipboard in 'code mode'... It works in 'markdown mode', but the demarcation between the cell input/output is not clear. There has got to be a simple way to transfer a notebook's content to this forum to illustrate a question. What is it?

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What does 'r' stand for in LatexExpr(r"text~:~}")

2020-06-29 23:39:35 +0200 asked a question How to plug in the solution of an equation into an expression?

In the code below, how would I plug in the solution for x in Ln[18] into Ln[19]? (I should get Out[19] -5*a+10)

In[16] var('a,x')
In[17] eq1 = x+a==0
In[18] solve([eq1],x)
In[19] 5*x+10

PS: 1. Is there a way to declare 'a' a constant rather than a variable?

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2018-01-04 18:53:39 +0200 asked a question Solving an inequality symbolically under constraints


new to Sage. How would you go about this problem?

Assumptions: a) e0, e1 are positive real numbers b) e1 <= e0/2

Define: A=e0/2-e1; (notice, greater than or equal to zero) B=e0/2+e1; (equivalently, B=A+2e1)

Solve for e1: Int(1/B)+2 >= 1/A, where Int(x) is the largest integer less or equal to x

Output: An expression linking e0 and e1