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2017-09-02 00:49:38 -0600 commented answer use t.test from r in sage

thanks a lot! also use ' " instead of just ' or " for strings, i.e:

r.t_test(A, B, conf_level = 0.975, alternative = '"less"')

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2017-08-30 11:42:02 -0600 asked a question use t.test from r in sage

hello, I have loaded two large numeric lists from a .sobj-file and stored them in two variables A and B. now I want to use the r.t.test(A, B) function from r in the interactive shell, but that doesn't work. is there a way I can load A and B into the r.console() and use them there, or can I use r.t.test() in sage somehow? I don't want to use any other alternative t-tests from sage, scipy, statsmodels, etc. It has to be the one from r! Thank you!