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2017-05-18 12:59:05 +0100 asked a question Linking a new library

I'm trying to understand more about how Sage manages the software that it links to, so I can understand if I would like to pursue linking my software to it.

  1. I have GPLv3 code. Is this license acceptable?
  2. My software is written in C++. Do I do the builds or does somebody in an official Sage capacity do the build? How do I manage which compiler is used?
  3. As a young researcher, it's important for me that people use my software and cite it. When I have used Sage in papers, in addition to citing Sage, I also cite the major libraries that Sage uses. How can I be confident that others will cite my software, and not just the Sage project?

If there is a source that answer these questions, I haven't found it yet, and I would be grateful for being pointed in the correct direction. Thanks!