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2017-11-24 02:41:38 +0200 asked a question vdim(std(I)) and vdim(I) returning different answers - Singular

I thought std just put the ideal in a nicer format, so the answer should be independent. In this case I have 2 larger equation f_1, f_2 and I = jacob((f_1, f_2)). So it ends up being around 18 equations.

I get vdim(std(I)) is the expected answer while vdim(I) the answer is a bit to big.

Any help would be appreciated.

2016-11-28 09:28:50 +0200 commented answer Constant coefficient of Laurent Polynomials

Thanks, this explains both how to fix and why it was not working which is what I wanted. I thought the fact that a6 was not a variable in my ring was implicit but evidently not. Thanks.

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2016-11-27 11:41:14 +0200 asked a question Constant coefficient of Laurent Polynomials

I am looking for the constant coefficient of a Laurent polynomial, the issue I am having is that sage is not simplifying the polynomial.

An example:

a = var(",".join( "a%i" %i for i in range(0, 6)))
f = x*y + 1.00000000000000*a6*x + 1.00000000000000*a4*y + x*y^-1 + x^-1*y + 1.00000000000000*a3*y^-1 + 1.00000000000000*a1*x^-1 + x^-1*y^-1

Then I ask

f/(x^1*y^0)  #  (The powers have to be in this way, just from the context of the work I am doing)

and it outputs:

1.00000000000000/x*x*y + 1.00000000000000*a6/x*x + 1.00000000000000*a4/x*y + 1.00000000000000/x*x*y^-1 + 1.00000000000000/x*x^-1*y + 1.00000000000000*a3/x*y^-1 + 1.00000000000000*a1/x*x^-1 + 1.00000000000000/x*x^-1*y^-1

Now when I ask for the constant coefficient of this LP it tells me its 0 when it is a6.

How can I fix this.

Thanks in advance