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2014-11-29 07:41:14 +0200 answered a question numbered command history?

%hist -n works for me. Also history -n ,the bash buildin.(I guess they are same things)

2014-01-03 21:27:56 +0200 answered a question Extended Euclid with polynomials

p=7 R=PolynomialRing(IntegerModRing(7),'x') x=R.gen()

I'm not sure if f exist

Maybe f=(q*h+r)//e

Or you want something like this? q=f//g r=f.mod(g)

As for the next question:

f=x^14 + 4*x^7 + 7



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2013-12-31 04:19:15 +0200 answered a question Dividing by 2 fast: how?

that should be tt>>1