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2016-09-23 14:54:54 +0200 commented question missing key "SAGE_LOCAL" while "import sage.all"

yeah! You solved my problem. It's enough to run bash in LiClipse's folder, run "sage -sh" and from this shell run LiClipse (or Eclipse if you like). Thank you. You can add answer, if You like. I think many people can have this problem, since old tutorials say just "import sage.all".

2016-09-22 21:06:24 +0200 commented question missing key "SAGE_LOCAL" while "import sage.all"

Thanks for answer. I have added some information. All I tried to do was to import sage.all I have added some information. My guess is that Sage gathers my system variable but doesn't take SAGE_LOCAL (maybe because of double slash, maybe not). Nevertheless in notebook it works OK.

2016-09-22 18:25:01 +0200 asked a question missing key "SAGE_LOCAL" while "import sage.all"

Hello I tried to do some debugging in PyDev. I haven't done any math there yet, just tried to import sage.all and failed.

Variable sage.env.SAGE_LOCAL is "/usr/lib/sagemath//local", so maybe OK, maybe not. I don't know where this double slash comes from.When I write $SAGE_LOCAL in bash, I get "/usr/lib/sagemath/local"

This is my sage.env.SAGE_ENV:

 {'SAGE_LOCAL': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local', 'SAGE_IMPORTALL': 'yes', 'SITE_PACKAGES': ['/usr/lib/sagemath/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages', '/usr/lib/sagemath/local/lib/site-python'], 'SAGE_BANNER': '', 'TRAC_SERVER_URI': '', 'SAGE_EXTCODE': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local/share/sage/ext', 'SAGE_CYTHONIZED': '/usr/lib/sagemath//src/build/cythonized', 'SAGE_DOC_SRC': '/usr/lib/sagemath//src/doc', 'SAGE_ETC': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local/etc', 'SAGE_REPO_AUTHENTICATED': 'ssh://', 'SAGE_STARTUP_FILE': '/home/a/.sage/init.sage', 'SAGE_DOT_GIT': '/usr/lib/sagemath//.git', 'UNAME': 'Linux', 'SAGE_SHARE': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local/share', 'PYTHON_EGG_CACHE': '/home/a/.sage/.python-eggs', 'SAGE_SPKG_INST': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local/var/lib/sage/installed', 'SAGE_REPO_ANONYMOUS': 'git://', 'SAGE_DOC': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local/share/doc/sage', 'SAGE_VERSION': '7.3', 'REALM': '', 'SAGE_INC': '/usr/lib/sagemath//local/include', 'SAGE_DATE': '2016-08-04', 'SAGE_SRC': '/usr/lib/sagemath//src', 'SAGE_LIB': '/usr/lib/sagemath/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages', 'SAGE_DISTFILES': '/usr/lib/sagemath//upstream', 'LOCAL_IDENTIFIER': 'a-GA-970A-DS3.7845', 'SAGE_ROOT': '/usr/lib/sagemath/', 'HOSTNAME': 'a-GA-970A-DS3', 'SAGE_URL': '', 'DOT_SAGE': '/home/a/.sage', 'SAGE_LOGS': '/usr/lib/sagemath//logs/pkgs'}

However SAGE looks for this variable in some dictionary that looks like this (my system variables):

{'PYTHONIOENCODING': 'UTF-8', 'LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR': '0', 'XDG_RUNTIME_DIR': '/run/user/1000', 'XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP': 'KDE', 'XDG_SESSION_TYPE': 'x11', 'QT_IM_MODULE': 'compose', 'LOGNAME': 'a', 'USER': 'a', 'HOME': '/home/a', 'XDG_VTNR': '7', 'PATH': '/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/lib64/MRO-3.2.3/R-3.2.3/lib/R:/home/a/anaconda2/bin', 'PYTHONUNBUFFERED': '1', 'PAM_KWALLET_LOGIN': '/tmp/kwallet_a.socket', 'KDE_SESSION_VERSION': '5', 'KDE_FULL_SESSION': 'true', 'XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP': 'KDE''...}

Last instruction is

from . import matrix_mpolynomial_dense   in


            from sage.matrix.matrix_space import is_MatrixSpace

( in definition of class class PolynomialRing_general(sage.algebras.algebra.Algebra in

And it all started with

   from sage.rings.all      import *


Full traceback looks like this (don't think it's useful):

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/mnt/dca8bb8a-0bad-49dc-bd48-7f32e4fb2114/Downloads/work/trial/", line 7, in <module>
    import sage.all
  File "/usr/lib/sagemath/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sage/", line 103, in <module>
    from sage.rings.all      import *
  File "/usr/lib/sagemath/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sage/rings/", line 54, in <module>
    from .number_field.all import *
  File "/usr/lib/sagemath/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sage/rings/number_field/", line 9, in <module>
    from .totallyreal import enumerate_totallyreal_fields_prim
  File "sage/rings/number_field/totallyreal_data.pxd", line 12, in init sage.rings.number_field.totallyreal (/usr/lib/sagemath//src/build/cythonized/sage/rings/number_field/totallyreal.c:11599)
  File "sage/rings/number_field/totallyreal_data.pyx", line 39, in init sage.rings.number_field.totallyreal_data (/usr/lib/sagemath//src ...
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2016-08-20 20:58:28 +0200 answered a question plotting: value error variable not found

This error can occur when you use simultaneous assignments. This returns error.

def _(a=-3, b=3,c=(-10,10),f=y^2*sin(y^c)):

This does not:

def _(a=-3, b=3,c=(-10,10),f=y^2*sin(y^c)):
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2013-11-09 07:46:28 +0200 asked a question Is 'make install' on opensuse necessary?

I have typed 'make' yesterday and the makefile was executing many,many hours. Now I can finally run sage in my browser, so I believe everything is alright. However, in instructions on makefiles, they say I should also run 'make install'. When I did, I got a warning saying "experimental use only". So is 'make install' redundant and sage will work as well as now?

I am new to linux. I moved to it just for sage.

2013-11-09 05:20:42 +0200 commented question Compiling sage on opensuse 12.3

How long should this makefile execution take? I have 2gb ram and Intel Atom N2600. I launched it 10 hours ago and it seems it is still working