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2016-05-13 11:33:30 -0500 commented answer How to change position of the axes values of a Sage plot.

Ok I think I can't figure this out. I read plot/ and I tried heaps of things like:

p = plot(sin(x), (x, -2*pi, 2*pi)); fig = p.matplotlib(); subplot = fig.add_subplot(111); subplot.yaxis.set_ticks_position('right'); subplot.yaxis.set_label_position('right')

But I don't understand how to plot this new modified matplotlib figure, could you please provide me with some more guidance?

2016-05-12 11:08:01 -0500 asked a question How to change position of the axes values of a Sage plot.

I am plotting 2D functions on Sage, and I would like to move the values displayed along the $y$ axis (the ticks) from the left of the axis to the rigth, because they bother me there. I had a look and I think this can be done in Python with matplotlib (using set_tick_params() or set_ticks_position()) which is included in Sage, but I am not sure of how to combine a region_plot() from Sage with this axis modification.

¿Anyway to do what I am saying? I can't include an example of what I am saying because I don't have enough Karma to add a figure or link...