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2017-05-01 00:20:32 +0200 commented answer Test for zero cup product

Awesome. Thanks @dan_fulea

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2017-04-30 23:43:43 +0200 asked a question how to use snappy in sage

None of these methods worked:

import snappy



Any suggestions?

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2016-05-06 23:14:49 +0200 asked a question Test for zero cup product

How can I check whether the cohomology ring H^*(X) of a simplicial complex X has zero cup product (like, say, for X a wedge of spheres). I have a long list of simplicial complexes, so I need a fully algorithmic approach. I probably should start with X.cohomology_ring(QQ) but I don't know what to do next...

Btw, I am a sage newbie.