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2010-12-31 12:03:50 -0600 commented answer Numerical approximation of symbolic equation

Thank you for all the hard work. This definitely looks promising. I will experiment with it to see how it goes. It seems to me that if this sort of thing was implemented generally it would make sage a *much* more attractive package.

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2010-12-30 11:51:37 -0600 asked a question Numerical approximation of symbolic equation

What I would like to do is the following:

sage: var('theta')
sage: theta=25*
sage: print theta
sage: a=sin(theta)
sage: print a

At this point, I type 'a.' and tab and in the popup list of functions I find numerical_approx. So I type in:

sage: a.numerical_approx()
Traceback (click to the left of this block for traceback)
TypeError: cannot evaluate symbolic expression numerically

Okay, it would appear that adding the units to theta turns it into a symbolic variable which turns my expression a into a symbolic expression. But what I would like to do is enter my angle theta in either degrees or radians and get a numerical approximation of the answer based on the units of the input. Is there a clean way to do this?