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2016-03-04 18:54:22 +0200 answered a question Automatic expression.maxima_methods().rootscontract() ?

I think the answer to my actual question should be:


Seems that with these setting one can avoid also other pitfalls when comparing expressions involving sqrts, e.g.


should give True, which it does with the settings, but not without.

2016-03-04 18:09:46 +0200 commented answer Automatic expression.maxima_methods().rootscontract() ?

Does your comment mean that assumptions are not propagated to a complete expression like here:

sage: %var a,b
sage: assume(a>0)
sage: assume(b>0)
sage: bool(sqrt((a*b)^2)/sqrt(a*b)==sqrt(a*b))

Or am I missing again smth?

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2016-03-03 18:46:53 +0200 asked a question Automatic expression.maxima_methods().rootscontract() ?

I have to compare quite a lot expressions and I like to do it with Sage. Sadly something like

sqrt(x^3)/sqrt(x^2) == sqrt(x)

gives false in default mode sage. Here


does help, but is there a automatic way doing that, at least for one notebook? (Btw, why is it not the default?) Shouldn't at least simplify_full be enough to trigger that?

Maybe worth another question: Are there other pitfalls like this, I should be aware of?