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2013-09-20 04:18:11 -0600 answered a question Graph theory exporting problems

Thanks for the reply John. I tried outputting it as a png file and I don't get the error message anymore. But, when I evaluate the two lines of code I get the graph without a link to the file. Where do I find the file?

It is strange I was watching Will Stein's graph theory tutorial and typing exactly as he did and it didn't work for me on my computer. When he typed the code I suggested in the original question he got a link to a pdf file, which he could click on and then have access to the file.

2013-09-19 13:20:10 -0600 asked a question Graph theory exporting problems

I type in the following SAGE code and get the graph on the screen that I would expect to get.

g = Graph({0,[1,2,2]}); g

g.plot(graph_border = True)

When I try to export this to a file with the following code I get an "AssertionError" message.

g = Graph({0,[1,2,2]}); g

g.plot(graph_border = True).save('graph.pdf')

How can I fix this so that I can output this graph as a pdf file. I love how easy I can make nice looking graphs in SAGE, but it is useless if I can't export them to use in Latex.