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2013-09-20 07:55:35 +0200 asked a question Graphics not coming in Sagecloud but showing in Sageonline


I am running a code by Jason Grout in Sagecloud but I don't see the graphics whereas I see the graphics when I run it in Sageonline. Could you please help?

The code is as follows:

load('') load('')

def base_circle(po, numpts=24): return BaseLatitude(numpts/30,0,2*pi,po=po,input_type='sph')

@interact def hopf_fibers(tilt=slider(0,pi,default=.587pi,label="Tilt from vertical axis"), angle=slider(0,2pi,default=1.41pi, label="Rotation around vertical axis"), quality=checkbox(default=False,label="High quality (much slower)"), img_size=input_box(default=500,label="Imgage Size (pixels)")): axis_az = angle axis_po = pi/2 rot_alpha = tilt circles = [base_circle(po,num) for po,num in [(.5pi/2,20), (1.5*pi/2,20)]] points = [] for c in circles: c.set_rotation((1,axis_az,axis_po), rot_alpha) points += c.points()

draw_frame(points, n=0, high_quality=quality, resolution=img_size, only_show=True)

2013-09-18 07:56:26 +0200 answered a question newby has trouble with "load" in


Problem is resolved. Please ignore my last question.

Thank you Vijay

2013-09-18 07:21:04 +0200 answered a question newby has trouble with "load" in


I used load command and in my .SAGE file I have another load for *.pyx file. I am observing following while running .SAGE script:

load('hopf_animate.sage') Compiling ./fib_param.pyx...

It is taking lot of time, so am I missing something here.

Thanks & Regards, Vijay