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I see. So the notebook is itself a web server (not running on top of apache or similar). I just set up a basic nginx/apache web server that forwards requests to the sage notebook? Is that the basic idea?

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I'm using the sagemath-upstream-binary package from ppa:aims/sagemath, so I didn't explicitly install or configure any web server. What web server is used with that distribution, and where can the config files be found?

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2017-10-30 12:44:20 -0500 asked a question Forward HTTP requests to HTTPS

I've set up my Sage server to run on a public-facing interface and with the 'secure=True' option. I'm also forwarding port 443 to this secure server. This works reasonably well, except that the only way to access the server is with an explicit "https://" (no port number required since I'm forwarding 443). I'd like to just be able to type my hostname (without the protocol) and be automatically redirected to the secure portal. Is there some way to configure the underlying web server to do this?